Christmas tree, natural or artificial? – Advantages and disadvantages

The Christmas tree is popular all over the world, in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia. During the winter holidays, people unknowingly have a negative impact on the environment. Why? Because people travel more, produce more waste and buy natural Christmas trees to decorate their homes. Statistics show that around 60 million Christmas trees are cut down in Europe every year. It has been estimated that at present, half of the deforestation is done illegally.

1. Natural fir is a valuable resource for people and nature

As long as this tree grows, it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and turns it into oxygen.

An important aspect besides the fact that the fir tree is a valuable resource for the environment, for people and nature, is that the ground around its trunk is covered with grass and different types of plants. These plants grow better in the shade provided by trees and the flowers attract bees that pollinate them.

2. Fir trees grown especially for Christmas

Some would argue that they are spending money on fir trees that are grown specifically for the holidays. Of course, they have no way of being sure that the firs they find for sale do not come from deforestation or logging.

How do fir trees grown specifically to be sold before Christmas affect the environment? For the rapid growth of firs, different chemicals are used – pesticides, fungicides, herbicides – which have a negative impact on the environment.

After they are used, the trees are thrown away after Christmas and thus end up in landfills. Here the fir trees decompose and produce gases that pollute, affect the climate and human health. Firs should normally be recycled.

This consists of replanting the tree outdoors as soon as possible, while its roots are still intact, after the Christmas holidays. If the fir tree has dried up and cannot be replanted, it can be used as firewood to heat the house, it should not be thrown away. Fir wood emits a pleasant smell even when burning.

3. The cutting of natural firs can lead to the disappearance of some conifer species

Experts believe that the survival of some conifer species is greatly affected by deforestation, but also by diseases, environmental changes in recent years, natural disasters, serious ecological imbalances. Uncontrolled exploitation of forests is a risk factor and must be stopped. Deforestation has serious consequences, which is why landslides and large floods occur. The life of some species of animals that have natural habitats, live in coniferous forests, is also endangered.

Deforestation has affected biodiversity. Forest recovery through replanting would be a solution to climate change. Of course, recovery requires many years, and the loss of biodiversity is another problem that requires a reliable solution.

Currently there are more than 200 species of conifers in the world that are in danger of extinction.

4. Conifer species from our country

The Christmas tree is known all over the world. There are conifer species that grow naturally. There are also some exotic conifer species that have been introduced by humans. They appear in parks and at the Botanical Garden.

The main conifer species in our country are:

  • Common fir – Abies pectinata
  • White fir – Abies alba
  • Spruce – Picea abies
  • Black pine – Pinus nigra
  • Forest pine – Pinus sylvestris
  • Juniper – Pinus mugo
  • Zâmbru – Pinus cembra
  • Larch – Larix decidua
  • Juniper – Juniperus communis
  • European yew – Taxus baccata
  • Thuja – Thuja occidentalis
  • Tree of life – Thuja orientalis.
  • The Mammoth Tree – Sequoia gigantea.

Those who love natural firs can take a trip to the mountains to admire firs in the true sense of the word.

5. How can the environment and natural Christmas trees be protected?

Forests reduce atmospheric CO2. Trees store CO2 and remove oxygen, they have an important role for air and water quality. According to a recent study, the number of trees on the planet has now been halved. This has a negative impact on the health of people, the climate, on the animals that lived in this natural habitat.

It is very important that governments around the world take action against deforestation. Also every government must make efforts to restore healthy forests in the country. People can forego the natural Christmas tree and choose to buy an artificial tree.

6. Christmas tree, natural or artificial?

Many peoples think about which tree to buy for Christmas, natural or artificial? Before going after the tree, they have to analyze what are the advantages offered by each variant.

Those who say that the smell of the tree is important, that it is like a holiday and therefore choose the first option, should know that now there are essences with the smell of the tree, with the smell of pine and scented candles. All of these can be used during this period if an artificial Christmas tree is chosen.

Artificial Christmas trees

There are many advantages if you choose an artificial Christmas tree :

  • The tree may be different from year to year
  • It does not dry, the needles do not shake
  • Artificial fir trees are more beautiful, they have the perfect crown
  • They have different heights; it can be a 2m or even 3m artificial tree
  • There are variants of fir trees with a height of 150 cm, 180 cm, 210 cm
  • They can be of many types (white artificial fir, luxury artificial fir, black firs, pine-look firs, decorated natural-look firs, firs with 3D needles that imitate natural fir and others)
  • They are beautiful, durable and quality
  • The color and texture of the needles from artificial firs perfectly imitate natural firs
  • I can have 5 years warranty
  • Using the artificial Christmas tree every year can reduce the expenses that are allocated to the purchase of a natural Christmas tree every year; regardless of the model, you can use the tree for many years
  • The price range depends on the type and size of the tree and is reasonable
  • Artificial fir trees are specially designed for pleasant home decoration for the holidays
  • They can be used in schools, kindergartens, homes and institutions.

7. What are the new trends in artificial Christmas trees?

Looking for the perfect Christmas tree? Choose an artificial tree and decorate it with ornaments – balls, tinsel, garlands and other specific, festive decorations – in red and turquoise colors that will create a fun atmosphere. In addition to all of this, the installations with light bulbs.

If you want a brighter artificial tree, you can use gold ornaments , organza ribbons or other material with a sparkling effect. A golden tree is impressive, so it will be a perfect choice for the Christmas holidays.

The white artificial fir is elegant and reminiscent of the natural snow-covered mountain firs in the fir forest areas of our country. White and silver are trending this year and give you a nice festive and holiday feeling. I’m taking you with the thought of an enchanting winter landscape.

Choose a green artificial tree that perfectly imitates the natural tree. You can decorate it with colored globes, with fairy-tale figurines in the shape of Santa Claus, with reindeer, bells, angels and other Christmas ornaments.

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