Does Cactus Like Water? Find Out When to Water Your Succulents

There are many species of plants to decorate the home. Some of them are easier to care for than others. When we talk about cactus and succulents, care can vary. For example, every cactus likes water , but is constant watering necessary?

To remove all doubts about this type of plant, we have prepared an article on how to water cacti and succulents . We also indicate the ideal amount of watering according to each species.

Does cactus like water?

The answer is yes: just like any plant, the cactus likes water. However, some species like it more than others, which will depend on the amount of watering. Because they are from dry regions with a lot of sun, mandacaru and palm may not need constant watering, as they are made up of 90% water.

In the case of smaller cacti, watering once a week on hot days and once a month on colder days is recommended. If so, watch the soil dry completely before watering it again.

When we talk about how to take care of small cacti , the attention must be greater. That is, the smaller the container, the smaller the amount of water. One or two spoonfuls are enough weekly.

Furthermore, due to its fragility, the ideal is for the plant to be placed in a container with substrate and plenty of drainage. Thus, water circulates through all parts of the cactus.

The best place to keep cacti

As this plant prefers more airy places with direct light, windows and balconies are the perfect places. However, beware of excess! Winds and very hot days can harm the health of the plant.

Provide 4 to 6 hours of sunlight a day to encourage cacti to flower . If you notice that the plant is looking discolored or turning yellow/orange, move it to a different location as this indicates it is getting too much light.

Important care for those who have cactus

Soil is very important when we talk about cactus care . That’s because, if you have a lot of sand and little substrate, the plant can accumulate a lot of water and rot.

To do this, when planting a cactus seedling or changing pots, mix coarse earth, fine gravel and peat compost for the cactus. Enjoy and cover the plant with gravel to keep the soil dry.

The ideal vase for cacti and succulents

Knowing that cactus likes water, the ideal is to plant the green in a container that favors the absorption of liquid, right? Therefore, prefer clay pots, as they allow the soil to dry out more quickly. Remember that cacti placed in plastic pots tend to need less watering.

How to water cacti

There are several ways to water cacti and succulents. Among them, the most common is to let the water drain through the drainage holes of the vase. Thus, the plant absorbs all the necessary liquid.

Another way to water succulents and cacti is by placing a few drops around the roots, which requires greater amounts of watering. Finally, you can place the vase on a saucer with the mixture of water and soil, allowing the plant to absorb moisture through the roots.

However, remember never to wet or spray water directly on the cactus. The little plant does not like moisture or water accumulated in the leaves. 

Facts about cacti

Now that you know which cactus likes water, how about checking out some curiosities about one of the most beloved plants in our country? Did you know that every cactus is a succulent, but not every succulent is a cactus? What differentiates the two plants are the thorns, because only the cactus has this protection.

By the way, speaking of thorns, in fact, they are modified leaves both to protect the plant against predators and to regulate water loss. Very curious, isn’t it?

In addition, throughout the year, cacti have periods of dormancy and intense growth and flowering. Winter is chosen for the plant to fall asleep, so it requires less watering. In the summer, because it is more active, the plant prefers more water.

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