Types of lawns and garden plants – How to create a low-maintenance garden

Natural grass is the most important element in a garden. To create a beautiful, easy-to-maintain garden, you need to make sure you choose the right type of lawn to provide a green space in just two weeks. In our article you will find ideas on how to choose the right lawn, how to identify lawn diseases and pests, how to set up an easy-to-maintain garden.

Types of lawn for the garden

It is very important to select and buy the right lawn for your backyard. Not every type of lawn is suitable in the garden, plus sunlight is crucial for the growth of hardy, green blades of grass. Once you have decided what type of lawn you are planting, you will sow on well-prepared soil that is rich, fertile (treated with fertilizers).

The best shade lawn for your backyard

If you stay at home, you can have problems with the lawn if it is placed in the shade. Surprises happen even if you have decided to buy the best lawn on the market, which is dense, durable and dark green.

If it has some shade it is possible that after a period of time it will turn into a lawn with soft, thin, light green threads.

The consequences of improper conditions (lack of light, lack of water, excess water):

  • Lawns growing in the shade may have thin strands, attacked by powdery mildew (a disease caused by the fungus Erysiphe graminis). The threads have white spots, they gradually dry out and voids form in the lawn.
  • Due to the lack of light, the lawn threads can be attacked by fungi .
  • If the area is shaded and dry, the lawn will not develop normally, it will have weak threads , and they will gradually be destroyed.

The best shade lawn is artificial. Special lawn rolls can be used for shady areas.

If a natural shade lawn is desired, it is good to choose a special type of lawn that has Festuca tricopylla seeds . Lawn experts recommend a long-lasting product that has seeds of Festuca arundinacea, Lolium perenne and Poa trivialis. This is very good for parks, backyard or playgrounds with shade and semi-shade.

Shade lawn care tips :

  • The soil in which the lawn seed is sown must be pre-treated with fertilizers.
  • If the plot of land has loam or clay soil, it needs to be mixed with sand. In order for the lawn to be beautiful, it needs well-aerated and drained soil.
  • The lawn is not cut too short. They should have threads of at least 5 cm for better photosynthesis.
  • Irrigation must be done properly, depending on the moisture level of the soil. If the irrigation is excessive it can damage the lawn, water puddles are formed, which is not desirable.

The best sun lawn

Surely you too want a beautiful, green lawn during the summer. For this you can choose a sun lawn that can withstand the drought and the strong sun during the hot summer months. The lawn that has Festuca arundinacea seeds is recommended, it is resistant to the sun.

The lawn with flowers

This variant of the lawn is special because it will create a natural meadow with flowers , with clovers or marigolds, or other flowers. Also, in the spring, it would be advisable to have a lawn with flowers specific to this season, with snowdrops, axenics, violas or sedums. Such plants bring positive energy to the home garden.

The flower lawn is an ornamental type, it can be created with the help of any flowering plants that will make up an ensemble with spots of different colors. Wild flowers or spring, summer or fall flowers can be used. Of course, such a lawn needs a lot of attention, it must be irrigated and cared for. Plants can be helped to grow with fertilizers, and nature must be allowed to take its course. In a short time, the flowers will create a real paradise full of color and fragrance.

This type of lawn is resistant to sun, trampling and mowing. It is trimmed at a certain time interval, every few weeks, so it can be easily stepped on. It does not require the mandatory use of chemical fertilizers. The flower lawn can include areas for snowdrops, small tulips, daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops, primroses and other plants.

Sports lawn for the yard of the house

This type of turf is resistant and is especially recommended for sports or football fields. If you stay at home and want to have a playground for children, you can choose a sports lawn. It contains seeds of red fescue type Festuca, but also seeds of Poa and Lolium weed. Sports turf is watered daily, mowed often, every week.

The most expensive is the turf recommended for the golf course. It is very resistant to both sun and shade, is dense and has a fine texture. A kg of lawn costs around 40 Lei.

Rustic lawn for the yard of the house

A rustic lawn fits perfectly into any garden. Lawn seeds are sown in the spring, but sowing can be done equally well during the rest of the year, until autumn. This lawn is suitable for large yards where there are pets or children who want to play outside on the grass. It has broad, rough blades of grass, resistant to the drought of the hot summer months.

Rustic lawn can be purchased from stores selling garden plants. It is easy to maintain, cut with a lawnmower.

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