12 plants that bring positive energy to your home

There are decorative plants that can create a flow of positive energy in the house. Some plants smell fresh and manage to filter the air in the room where they are. Such plants should be kept in the house but also in the spaces where we work because they help us bring a bit of positive energy and create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere where we place them.

It is not difficult to improve comfort in your life, especially if you like decorative plants, flowers and nature. You can very easily purchase some plants with a decorative role but which also offer the advantage of bringing harmony into your everyday life.

1.  Yellow chrysanthemums are flowers that create yang energy, provide a state of well-being and optimism, symbolize purity. These flowers are said to bring luck, happiness and a carefree life. The perfume of chrysanthemums is pleasant, has a soothing effect, gives you the feeling of freshness and more energy . The right place for a bouquet of chrysanthemums is the bedroom and living room.

2. Lucky bamboo has the scientific name Dracena sanderiana. This plant is good to receive or give as a gift because it brings luck, career advancement, business success, long and peaceful life, peace of mind, positive ambient energy. You can give a single thread or several threads (to form a beautiful natural decorative arrangement) as a gift.

It matters how many bamboo threads are received or given, they have a special meaning : 3 bamboo threads mean happiness, longevity; 5 wires mean the 5 elements of life namely physical, mental, intuition, empathy and spiritual; 6 wires means health; 7 wires means prosperity; 9 threads means success; 10 wires means fulfillment, perfection; 21 threads means blessing. Never give someone 4 strands of bamboo as a gift because 4 is a number associated with death.

3. Jasmine is a plant with intensely fragrant flowers. This plant is said to bring abundance to the house . Jasmine flowers also attract love and provide positive energy. The plant has an aphrodisiac effect, therefore it is indicated to be kept in the bedroom, it amplifies feelings of love.

4. Mint is a mentholated plant with a cooling, calming, toning and stimulating effect. This plant is said to bring prosperity to the home, to improve relationships and communication. Mint is also recommended for the nervous system, it stimulates brain activity, improves the ability to concentrate , calms nervousness and irritability, reduces mental and intellectual fatigue. Mint has a beneficial effect on the spirit, it stimulates the activity of the spirit in action. This plant is frequently used in aromatherapy but also in natural medicine.

5. Peonies are the flowers of love. Peonies are said to attract yang energy and can increase the chances of building and maintaining a love relationship.

6. Daffodils are plants that provide positive energy in the home. They can be kept on the window in any room, at home, because they have a positive impact, they provide more energy in the living area.

7. Lilies are fragrant flowers that have a beneficial effect in the home. They are said to spread joy, energy and a sense of well-being. Lilies are flowers that fight nervousness, get rid of stress and anxiety.

8. Rosemary is a plant that cleans the air in the room and provides a flow of energy. Rosemary protects the house from negative influences, provides a state of tranquility, a sense of relief and inner peace, fights depression, anxiety and fatigue. Many people keep rosemary in pots in the house because they believe that it protects them from harm, from negative energies .


9. Aloe Vera is a plant that absorbs negative energy from around. This plant is said to bring good luck and energy to the house.

10. Magnolia is the symbol of purity and love. This plant has very beautiful flowers and should not be missing from the house. It is a beneficial plant that provides a meditative state, of peace and relaxation .

11. Basil improves the mental and emotional state. In addition, this plant is indicated in the house because it repels mosquitoes. John Gerard – a famous English apothecary – said that “the fragrance of basil is good for the heart, removes the sadness that comes from melancholy, and makes a man more cheerful and happy.” Basil has a special fragrance that is tonic for the nervous system, clears the mind and calms nervous states.

It can be planted in pots and kept on the windowsill because its beneficial effects will not take long to appear, it will purify the air in the house, clear the mind and provide a relaxing state . Basil is known for its tonic, decongestant, invigorating and disinfectant properties. It is considered one of the best herbs for the nerves, restores and strengthens the nervous system, fights fatigue, reduces nervous tension, fights nervous exhaustion, anxiety and depression, clears the mind and improves concentration.

12. Sage has a floral, sweet, slightly heady aroma. This plant cleans negative energy and has a good effect on the inner state . It can invigorate the spirit, induce inner peace, a state of optimism and a sense of confidence and security.

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