Meet 10 Fragrant Plants to Make Your Home More Fragrant!

It’s impossible to describe the feeling of coming home after a hard day at work. For the body and mind to rest, it is essential to invest in the well-being that only home can provide. It is possible to make it even more pleasant with the aroma that fragrant plants exude.

In addition to providing beautiful landscapes, the plants in the garden bring freshness to hot days and wonderful smells! If you are thinking of complementing the decor, scented plants are excellent options. Check out some of them below.

Meet 10 fragrant plants to make your home more fragrant


Alisso , known as honey flower, exudes a scent similar to that ingredient . She is very popular in gardens and party decorations due to her beauty and easy cultivation. It is mainly found in white color, but is available in pink, purple and orange.

This plant is small in size, reaching a maximum height of 40 cm. It can adapt both to the external and internal environment, in gardens or vases, surviving in shaded or sunny places.


Lavender is one of the most famous scent plants, also called lavender in some regions. It is widely cultivated in large plantations for the extraction of essential oil for the production of perfumery and culinary products.

In addition to leaving the environment very fragrant, lavender has calming properties, which help control stress, anxiety and insomnia. To grow well, it needs a lot of sun. Therefore, it is more recommended for outdoor areas, but it also adapts at home.


Rosemary is well known in the gastronomic world, but it also exudes a pleasant scent . It is very interesting to grow this plant at home, because in addition to seasoning the food, it leaves the home fragrant.

For those who don’t have a lot of time or aptitude for plant care, rosemary is a good option. Watering should only be done when the earth is really dry. He can stay in the sun most of the time, as long as he has very nutritious land.


The orchid is famous for its beauty and aroma. There are over 35,000 species around the world. Most are considered fragrant plants, which vary in the type of aroma.

Ever heard of the chocolate orchid ? This species cannot be found in nature, as it was created in the laboratory.


Jasmine is also considered a plant that does not require as much care. Therefore, it is a good option for perfuming and beautifying the environment in a simple way.

As it survives well in humid places, it can be used to decorate the bathroom, for example, as long as the place is well lit. With a sweet and mild aroma, it can soften unpleasant odors.

Fragrant plants Lily

The lily is very popular due to the beauty of the flowers and the pleasant smell. Many species are the result of crossings that originated plants of different colors.

The best known are the oriental lilies , with large flowers, the Asian lilies, with smaller flowers, and the longuiflorum, which has large, white flowers.

Fragrant plants Pink

Perhaps, the rose is one of the best known fragrant plants that exhale perfume . Nowadays, it is possible to grow it in the garden. There are also species called miniature roses, which are perfect for the interior of the house.

The most curious thing is that each color represents a feeling. Therefore, the rose is also widely used as a gift, even if it is a button.


Nothing like the aroma of Eucalyptus to relax. It can be used in vases, as it grows in bundles. When it stays in humid environments, like the bathroom, it exudes even more smell with the steam.

There are studies that claim that, in addition to the benefits of aroma, eucalyptus helps with respiratory problems and stress. Having this plant at home and using it at bath time is all good.


The gardenia is a lush flower, but it requires a little more care. Together with the intense aroma, the beauty conquers lovers of gardening and decoration.

It needs compost and fertilizer frequently, as well as sunlight (without getting too hot) and periodic watering. So it needs a lot of attention to bloom .

Fragrant plants Peony

Darling of many brides, the peony is present in the form of a bouquet. Due to the variety of colors and pleasant aroma, it pleases the most varied tastes.

In addition to the perfume, the rounded shape of the petals draws a lot of attention. Unfortunately the peony only blooms for a short period.

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