Cacti for Decoration: Know the Most Common Ones

Plants are gaining more and more space inside homes for different reasons: pleasant aroma, relaxing and medicinal properties or decoration. For those who want a more authentic environment, a good option is to use cacti for decoration .

Cacti accumulate water at the root, so they survive easily in dry and hot environments. If you are thinking of having a simple plant to care for, the cactus is a strong candidate.

Types of cacti for decoration

Cacti are succulent plants that originated in the American continent, but which have spread all over the world. In Pak, at least 100 types of cacti have been catalogued.

In different sizes and formats, you can find one for every room in your home or garden. Large cacti are best seen outdoors or in the wild in semi-arid climates. As for interior decoration, smaller ones are used more, due to the space. It all depends on the creativity and taste of each person!

Mini cacti

How about making the environment cozy and bold? Small cactus , called minicactus, are resistant and ideal for those who don’t have time to take care of plants, but don’t give up having one!

They don’t need a lot of watering and can be grown in small pots on dressers in the bedroom, on shelves and even in the bathroom. Another option is to choose a beautiful ceramic or glass vase and create an arrangement with different types of cacti mixed with other succulents .

Just choose your favorite species and get creative. Have you ever thought about using a cup as a vase to decorate your kitchen?

Mini cacti with flowers

If you love flowers, know that there are also cacti with flowers that grow on the stems. In fact, all cacti are capable of flowering under ideal conditions, but some species do this more often:

  • Ferocactus;
  • Cereus;
  • Sianinha;
  • Opuntia Violacea;
  • Ferocactus;
  • Mammillaria;
  • Rebutia .

At the time of purchase, an important tip is to verify that the flower present in the cactus is real. Often, the most colorful flowers are placed there just as decorations, to make the plant more beautiful. Be sure about the species and lovingly care for your cactus so that it blooms naturally.

Big cacti

If you have a lot of space or an irreverent garden, large cacti for decoration are good options. They are present wherever they are, rising from a meter in height. It is possible to mention four more appropriate species to have at home:

  • large mandacaru cactus: very popular in the northeast region of Pak, with white petaled flowers and sweet edible fruit;
  • Large semaphore cactus: it can reach five meters in height and has large thorns. It’s great for the garden. The yellow flower and the purple and white fruits attract anyone’s attention;
  • large blue cactus: it is a rarity. As the name implies, it has a blue hue and can reach ten meters;
  • Indian prickly pear cactus: dark green and greyish in color, with large white flowers, often used in indoor decoration.

How to use cacti in decoration?

Big or small, cacti for decoration can be used in different environments. To look more beautiful, the ideal is to choose a type of vase that matches the place.

Cacti to decorate the living room can stand next to the sofa or sideboard. Bet on large vases, compatible with the plant, for it to gain even more prominence. In the garden, it is possible to line the earth with stones, referring to a more natural landscape.

The ideal is to accommodate smaller cacti in desks, niches, shelves and tables or make arrangements, which look good in any room in the house. The vases can be colored or earthy, but they must follow the decoration of the room, always highlighting the cactus.

How to care for cacti?

Even though they are one of the easiest plants to care for, decorative cacti need a lot of light. Larger plants should be placed close to windows or doors, permanently. The smaller ones can be placed in the sun for a few hours of the day.

Although cacti survive in harsh environments, they don’t like wet places very much. If you have a cactus in the bathroom and you notice it getting sick, change the room. The living room and bedroom are the most suitable environments. If he is in the external area, be aware of the rains.

Give preference to ceramic and clay vases, as they evaporate water more easily, preventing the earth from becoming soaked. Overall, on hot days, it’s worth watering weekly, while on cold days, fortnightly.

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