How to get rid of Weeds? Find out Here!

Weeds grow in the garden or other home grown green spaces when we least expect it. They are considered a great danger to other plants. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to eliminate them correctly. Read on to learn more about how to get rid of weeds. Check out!

First step: how to identify weeds?

Before you learn how to get rid of weeds, the first step is to know how to identify them in your garden, pot or green space. They grow along with the other plants, and can be confused during the time of care for the greens.

There are numerous varieties of weeds that can grow wild in the garden and other spaces. We separate some of the main types of weeds that can appear along with your other plants:

  • Sedge: can be found in almost all types of soil, harming the development of other plants. Its main characteristic is the brownish-red color or reddish inflorescence at the tips with the green stem;
  • Caruru: can develop in all seasons of the year, mainly from spring to autumn. It is a plant that propagates in the form of seeds. With an erect and sparsely branched stem, it is very common to find it in gardens or green spaces;
  • Purslane:  its seeds germinate all year round. Thus, it leaves the farmer, the gardener and the father or mother of plants always on the alert. With oval leaves, a brownish-purple stem and yellow flowers, it can be recognized easily;
  • Viola cord: a climbing plant native to South America, it can be found in crops, gardens and other places. The weed has characteristics such as wide leaves, showy coloring and flowers that can vary in tones between white and purple;
  • Sheep bur: known as a weed that is difficult to control due to its irregular growth, it easily attaches to animal hair, clothes and other objects. Its main characteristics are the presence of small thorns and light green color.

Importance to get rid of weeds

Weeds are plants that grow wild in green spaces in homes. When we least realize it, they are already being born in vases, grasses, gardens and much more. Have you ever noticed this situation?

They compete for soil nutrients, water and other important factors with the other greens in the area. This can prevent your plants from growing properly and as they should. So you need to learn how to get rid of weeds.

How to get rid of weeds?

You must be wondering how to get rid of weeds in the garden , vegetable garden, grass and other green spaces, right? There are several methods that help when controlling and eliminating this plant from the premises. We separate two main ways for you to apply at home.

Manual start

The first way to get rid of weeds naturally is manual pulling. This means that you will have to remove them from the garden, vegetable garden, grass and other spaces individually, pulling the entire root of the plant out of the ground. If you choose this method, it is recommended to use protective gloves.

Use of herbicides

Another way to eliminate weeds from the grass and other places in your home is by using herbicides. They are chemical products that prevent the growth of these undesirable plants and help keep them away from the garden, vegetable garden and other spaces.

Herbicides must be used carefully and correctly on plants. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the product you are purchasing and the way to apply it in the desired location. We can find three main types of items on the market: contact, systemic and residual. Check out the features of each one:

  • Contact: this type of product eliminates the leaves that touch. Therefore, it is essential to use it with caution, only on weeds. After all, we want the other plants to grow in a healthy way, don’t we?;
  • Systemic: this herbicide is applied over the entire plant. It absorbs the product and distributes it to all its parts;
  • Residues: this item is applied directly to the soil of the chosen location. It is able to remain in the soil for a certain period, preventing the growth of new weeds.

How to prevent the appearance of weeds?

Prevention is the best way before weeding is necessary . So, you must be wondering how to do this in an easy way to practice in everyday life, right? For this control of unwanted plants to be applied in everyday life, we separate some tips for plant parents:

  • If you use animal manure for fertilization, you must make sure it is free of plant propagation (fermented manure);
  • Use certified seeds;
  • Prevent the passage of animals from the weed-infested area to the free places;
  • Sanitize equipment used in infested areas before using it in other green spaces.

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