Gardening Products: 7 Essential Items

The garden helps to make the house more beautiful and fragrant, in addition to contributing to the well-being of the residents. However, to make your plants always beautiful and healthy, you need to know what are the essential gardening products .

In addition to being beautiful, plants leave a more cheerful and cozy environment. However, they need special care to stay healthy all the time. So, see which gardening tools cannot be missing from your home.

7 Gardening products you need to have at home

Even if you only have a few potted plants , know that you need to take care of them carefully so that they grow strong and beautiful. Activities such as irrigation, pruning and the addition of fertilizer are part of the daily lives of those who decide to bring a little more greenery into their homes.

For you to fulfill these and other tasks necessary to keep your plants healthy, you need to have the right gardening products. That way, you can take good care of the greens. See below which are the tools that cannot be missing in your home .

Gardening gloves

Anyone who has plants at home knows that you often have to get your hands dirty. So to keep them clean and protected, it’s important to invest in gardening gloves.

Even if you don’t mind picking directly into the dirt, it’s good to have a pair of gloves around the house. That’s because some plants have thorns that can hurt.

In addition, there are species that can cause skin allergies. It is also important to wear gloves when handling chemicals such as pesticides that cause skin irritation and burns.


Among the gardening products that cannot be missing from your home are shovels. These items have several functions, such as opening holes to plant seedlings and assisting in the handling of fertilizer.

In addition, the garden spade can be useful for moving a plant more gently. Anyone who has vases of different sizes or a garden at home should invest in different options.

Watering can

The watering can is also one of the gardening products that plant lovers need to have. With this tool, you can water them individually. This can be very useful, as the frequency of irrigation varies for each species.

In addition, with a watering can, it is easier to dose the amount of water needed to water each plant. That’s because some species need a lot of liquid, while others only require a little.


The sprayer is mainly used to apply chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides. With this accessory, it is possible to direct a jet directly to the place where you want to spray, avoiding the waste of solution.

Some people are against applying chemicals to plants. However, they can be a good option when there is a pest infestation, as they can effectively eliminate them.

Pruning shears

Pruning shears are also an essential tool for anyone who has a garden or has many plants. That’s because, at times, it is necessary to cut parts of the greens for them to stay healthy and continue development.

This scissors is different from the others because it has a special design that facilitates pruning and makes the cuts gently, without hurting the plants. In addition, this tool performs the so-called smart cut, which helps the branches grow stronger.


Anyone who has a garden at home needs to invest in a rake. This tool can be used in different ways, the main one being soil preparation, making it firmer, sanded and granulated.

In addition, this tool can be used to clean the earth, removing branches, leaves and dried flowers. Another function of this item is to prune plants of different sizes.

Steel puller

Also called a hoe, the inço puller removes weeds. This product is excellent for narrow spaces, as it manages to remove the problematic plants without affecting the others.

This tool looks like a screwdriver with a “V” cut on the tip. Due to its shape, it can pull out weeds efficiently. This is because the item does not reach the roots of other plants when weeding.

How to take care of your garden

Anyone who wants to have beautiful and healthy plants needs to know how to take care of them in the best possible way. Therefore, it is important to analyze your greenbacks and check the species of each one of them in order to determine:

  • What is the frequency to irrigate them;
  • What is optimal sunlight exposure.

In addition, it is essential to check if it is necessary to change the potted plant when it grows or if it is necessary to use specific fertilizers or pesticides to make it stronger.

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