10 Sun-resistant Plants for the Garden

There are different types of plants. Each of them requires specific care. For example, in addition to being careful with direct contact with light, sun-resistant plants for the garden require attention regarding the amount of watering, adaptation to low temperatures on cold days, etc.

To clear all your doubts about outdoor garden plants , keep reading. We prepared an article listing some species that like exposure to the sun, in addition to care for these types of greens.

10 Sun-resistant Plants

There are many plants that like the sun . Some of them are flowery, others have large or small leaves and branches, catering to different sizes, formats and types of garden. Check out the list below to find out which one best suits your home.


Petunias are among the most versatile and beautiful sun-resistant garden plants. This is because the flower has a huge variety of colors, which makes it easy to create combinations with your garden palette.

Among the colors are pink, purple, red, yellow and even white. In addition, this little plant likes a lot of sun and prefers environments with direct light, which makes choosing plants for the garden easier .


Cactus are the darlings when decorating the home . Due to the variety of species, shapes and sizes, they are ideal both indoors and outdoors. In addition, maintenance is easy, without requiring constant watering, as it loves direct sunlight.


Peonies are delicate and romantic flowers, which make the garden charming and unique. The large pink or whitish flowers attract bees and other pollinators, making them ideal for a garden with other plant species .

They bloom between May and June. They like direct contact with the sun, which makes them great options for those looking to decorate the garden. Another fact that makes them special is the sweet and delicate smell.


Caladium is among the plants that love warm weather, but also live in colder climates. Therefore, if you want sun-resistant plants for the garden, but which also withstand the winter days, these are the perfect choice.


There are different types of juniper trees: some larger, others narrower, with longer or shorter bushes, for all tastes and locations. The plant is very fond of direct contact with the sun. It also has peculiarities in appearance that make the decoration unique in the garden.


Both Agave angustifolia and Agave attenuata are excellent for the garden. The first can grow up to two meters in height, with pointed leaves and a circular shape, which attracts many looks to the house. The second has wide leaves and is easy to maintain.

It is easy to multiply them and make several seedlings. However, it is worth considering that the plant does not resist low temperatures, being ideal only for places that have sun practically all year round.

George’s Sword

If you’re looking for sun-resistant plants that don’t require much maintenance, Saint George’s sword is ideal for your garden. In addition to liking direct light, the green can withstand lower temperatures and does not require constant watering, making it versatile even for beginners in gardening.


Another plant that easily adapts to varied climates is ivy. With the starry shape, the species can be planted both in hanging pots and in the ground. Also, if you want to cover a wall or make your garden more green, this plant can be grown as a vine.

Palm trees

Palm trees are large plants that bring grandeur and elegance to any environment. So, if your garden is at the entrance of your house, this tree will give your home even more charm. Wherever you place it, the atmosphere will be very charming.

Due to its easy cultivation and adaptation to different temperatures, this is one of the ideal sun-resistant garden plants for beginners in gardening. As she can reach four meters, it’s good to reserve plenty of space.


Eleven-hours is a plant that has flowers of different colors , from red and pink to yellow and white. In addition to liking direct sunlight, it blooms precisely in the hottest periods of the year. A curious fact about the little plant is that the buds open in the morning and close in the afternoon.

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